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The ‘Strange, Unduly Neglected Prophet’ NPR

Money That Rots Like Potatoes Forbes

The Robinson Crusoe Parable An excerpt from The Natural Economic Order in which Gesell introduces the topic of interest

Silvio Gesell’s Plan for Negative Nominal Interest Rates Miles Kimball

Breaking Through the Zero Lower Bound Agarwal & Kimball, IMF Working Papers

Stamp Scrip, Money People Paid to Use Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland

Hot Money Credits to Kick-Start a Stalled Economy? Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis

From Keynes’ Liquidity Preference to Gesell’s Basic Interest Ahmed Anwar, University of Edinburgh

Silvio Gesell’s Theory and Accelerated Money Experiments Jerome Blanc

Keynes’ Political Philosophy: The Gesell Connection William Darrity, Jr., UNC Chapel Hill

Silvio Gesell: ‘a strange, unduly neglected’ monetary theorist Cordelius Ilgmann, University of Münster

A Market Economy Without Capitalism Werner Onken

Libertarian Economic Thought and Non-capitalist Money Simon Papaud, LEFMI Working Paper

Free Economics: The Vision of Reformer Silvio Gesell G. Preparata & J. Elliott

On the Art of Innuendo: J. M. Keynes’ Plagiarism of Silvio Gesell’s Monetary Economics G. Preparata

The Future of Economy, A Memoir for Economists International Assn. for a Natural Economic Order

Zakat as an Instrument for the Prevention of Hoarding Suad Becirovic, Int’l University of Novi Pazar

Silvio Gesell Collaborative Finance


Shillings From Heaven/Wörgl’s Miracle

Silvio Gesell Complementary Currency Resource Center

Prologue – Silvio Gesell – Complementary Currencies LMF Films

Can We Wörgl Our Way Out of This? Steve Keen discusses Gesell on Debunking Economics Podcast

Puente Argentina Silvio Gesell Institute Director Carlos Louge (Spanish w/English subtitles)

Silvio Gesell, economista (Spanish) Museo Villa Gesell

Sonja Tomys Talks About Her Father Silvio Gesell (Spanish w/English subtitles)

Keynes y Gesell ¿Una nueva teoría económica? (Spanish)

Silvio Gesell Documentary (Spanish) Julio César Archet

FAIRCONOMY YouTube Channel (German)


The Natural Economic Order (PDF) Silvio Gesell

The Natural Economic Order (Spanish edition)

The Parable of Barataria, Part I Silvio Gesell

The Parable of Barataria, Part II Silvio Gesell

Excerpt on Gesell from The General Theory John Maynard Keynes

Stamp Scrip Irving Fisher

Interest and Inflation Free Money Margrit Kennedy

How to Fulfill the UN Sustainability Goals (A Gesellian perspective on sustainability), Felix Fuders

Sacred Economics Charles Eisenstein

Keynes y Gesell: ¿Nuevo Paradigma? (Spanish) Carlos Louge

Silvio Gesell, Obra Argentina (Spanish) Rodrigo Lopez, ed.

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Instituto de Estudios Económicos “Silvio Gesell” (Spanish)

Fundación Economía Natural/La Banca Territorial (Spanish)

Professor Felix Fuders Universidad Austral de Chile (Spanish)

INWO (Initiative für Natürliche Wirtschaftsordnung) (German)

Humane Wirtschaft (Humane Economy) Digital Magazine & Publishing (German)

The Unterguggenberger Institute, Wörgl, Austria (German)